Operations Research group - Cross project @ Lab-STICC/CACS

The Operations Research Group is part of the team Models and Tools for Circuits and Systems of the CACS department of Lab-STICC. The purpose of this group is to bring mathematical models and formal methods to handle the combinatorial optimization problems derived from electronic chip design and solve them using state-of-the-art approaches in operations research. This group is involved in a wide range of projects in the CACS department, and is focused on suggesting the most appropriate approaches and software tools for adressing combinatorial optimization problems. Privileged tools are linear and integer programming, dedicated heuristics, metaheuristics and matheuristics. The proposed methods are also applied in a more general context (Scheduling, Routing, Network sizing, Robustness, Timetabling, Graph coloring, etc). The Operations Research Group is also committed with the implementation of the proposed approaches as components of project and research softwares. See our short introduction here.

Evolutionary Computation Bestiary

This page is an attempt to keep a list of the many different animals, plants, and natural (or even supernatural!) systems that can be spotted in the wild lands of bioinspired computation literature. Make sure to check it before choosing the totem spirit of your own method!


Two new members of the group defended their PhD

AlbanAudreyBoth Audrey Cerqueus and Alban Derrien have joint the OR-Group at the beginning of the academic year as teaching and research assistants (ATER). They have defended recently their PhD in Nantes. Congratulations to both of them...

Ahcène Bounceur has presented his last research at GDR-RO

At the occasion of the GDR-RO meeting dedicated to electronic activities, Dr. Ahcène Bounceur has presented his last research topic. The title is related to "PHFP : Polygon Hull Finding Problem & PHVP : Polygon Hull Visiting Problem" which is an important activity in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks. The presentation has been given in French for the French research group.

The importance of Mathematics in France

Recently a very nice survey was conducted to show the importance of mathematics in France. This study emphasizes the very strong and growing impact of mathematics for the competitiveness and growth of the French economy:
- The jobs affected by mathematics have a strong added value (15% of GNP and 9% of employment) and are increasing in number (+0.9% per year from 2009 to 2012 vs. +0.5% for overall employment)
- It turns out that 44% of key technologies, identified as such by government reports, are strongly affected by progress in mathematics.

Marc Sevaux was plenary speaker at ORBEL 2015

ORBEL, despite its small size in a well recognized conference in OR in Europe. Marc Sevaux was invited to give a talk as a plenary speaker. This presentation was dedicated to a general presentation on Wireless Sensor Networks, and more specifically, a survey on maximizing lifetime in sensor coverage problems.


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