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Clustered Vehicle Routing problems

15th EU/MEeting in Istanbul

As usual, since EU/ME is part our general activities, we have particiapted in the 15th EU/MEeting conference to present our latest work. The meeting was organized in the nice city of Istanbul, Turkey. The scientific program as well as the social program were of high level.

The presentation was entitled: "Transportation of handicapped persons", it is co-authored by María Soto, Marc Sevaux and André Rossi. This work is done in collaboration with Google Research.

Transportation related presentations at ROADEF'2014

ROADEF is always the occasion of presenting our current work. This year, two projects are running in transportation area:

  • Optimisation du transport de personnes handicapées (María Soto, Marc Sevaux, André Rossi) (see the slides).
  • Tournées de véhicules avec contraintes de clustering (Marc Sevaux, Christopher Expósito, André Rossi) (see the slides).

Metaheuristics for Clustered Vehicle Routing Problems

Part of the seminar cycle "Computational logistics", M. Sevaux has presented some research work in collaboration with A. Rossi, K. Sörensen and T. Barthélémy on "Metaheuristics for Clustered Vehicle Routing Problems".

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