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André Rossi presented our work on directional sensors for WSN at ROADEF 2013

In this work we address two versions of a lifetime maximization problem for target coverage with wireless directional sensor networks. The sensors used in these networks have a maximum sensing range and a limited sensing angle. In the first problem version, predefined sensing directions are assumed to be given, whereas sensing directions can be freely devised in the second problem version.

The main novelty is that directions are not defined a priori, but only once the network is deployed. This allows for building contextual directions: the directions of a sensor are built depending on the location of the targets that are within range. The problem of Lifetime Maximization with Predefined Sensing Directions is referred to as LM-PSD. The problem of both building the sets of Contextual Sensing Directions and maximizing network lifetime is referred to as LM-CSD.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

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