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Bunch of WSN presentations at the ROADEF'2014 conference

This year, the OR-Group was heavily present at the French national OR conference (ROADEF'2014). In the domain of WSN, we have made several presentations in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks.

  • Maximisation de la durée de vie des réseaux de capteurs sans fils hétérogènes (A. Rossi, A. Raiconi, R. Cerulli, M. Gentili, M. Sevaux). This work is a new collaboration with the OR-Group of Salerno, Italy (see the slides).
  • Column generation and Benders’ Decomposition to maximize the lifetime in connected wireless sensor networks (Fabian Castaño, André Rossi, Marc Sevaux, Nubia Velasco). This work is part of the co-supervision (France-Colombia) thesis of Fabian Castaño (see the slides).
  • Méthodes exactes de résolution du problème de maximisation de durée de vie d’un réseau de capteurs avec prise en compte de contraintes de connectivité (Eric Bourreau, Fabian Castaño, Nubia, Velasco, André Rossi, Marc Sevaux). This work, for the first time for this problem, combines column generation and constraint programming (see the slides).
  • Multiple Mobile Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks (Charly Lersteau, Marc Sevaux, André Rossi). This work is supported by the DGA (see the slides).
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