Operations Research group - Cross project @ Lab-STICC/CACS

The Operations Research Group is part of the team Models and Tools for Circuits and Systems of the CACS department of Lab-STICC. The purpose of this group is to bring mathematical models and formal methods to handle the combinatorial optimization problems derived from electronic chip design and solve them using state-of-the-art approaches in operations research. This group is involved in a wide range of projects in the CACS department, and is focused on suggesting the most appropriate approaches and software tools for adressing combinatorial optimization problems. Privileged tools are linear and integer programming, dedicated heuristics, metaheuristics and matheuristics. The proposed methods are also applied in a more general context (Scheduling, Routing, Network sizing, Robustness, Timetabling, Graph coloring, etc). The Operations Research Group is also committed with the implementation of the proposed approaches as components of project and research softwares. See our short introduction here.

Presentation from Asma Benmessaoud Gabis

Miss Asma Benmessaoud Gabis is visiting our team for 18 months to work on her PhD program: " Routing in NoC". She had the opportunity to present her work during her first week. You can download her presentation here.

EURO 2015: Registration opens soon

EURO 2015

The next EURO conference will take place in Glasgow on July 12-15, 2015. Delegate registration and abstract submissions will open in November 2014.

Fabian Castaño has defended his PhD thesis with success

On October 1st, Fabian Castaño has defended his PhD thesis with success. His presentation lasted for 45 minutes and has been followed by 1h of hard questions where Fabian was able to answer with precision. The jury deliberated for a short time and concluded that Fabian deserved the title of PhD. Please call him "Doctor Fabian Castaño" from now on ;-)

Title: Decomposition-based approaches for the design of energy efficient wireless sensor networks

Using nonparametric tests to compare the performance of metaheuristics

Assessing the perfomance of heuristics or metaheuristics is not an easy task. Comparing exact methods is a lot easier. All of them reach the optimal solution and prove it. So comparing CPU times is enough. If you have to do that, please refer to our news where you can compare CPU times on different machines. But, now what can we do when we want to compare non-exact methods?

15th EU/MEeting in Istanbul

As usual, since EU/ME is part our general activities, we have particiapted in the 15th EU/MEeting conference to present our latest work. The meeting was organized in the nice city of Istanbul, Turkey. The scientific program as well as the social program were of high level.

The presentation was entitled: "Transportation of handicapped persons", it is co-authored by María Soto, Marc Sevaux and André Rossi. This work is done in collaboration with Google Research.


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