Operations Research group - Cross project @ Lab-STICC/CACS

The Operations Research Group is part of the team Models and Tools for Circuits and Systems of the CACS department of Lab-STICC. The purpose of this group is to bring mathematical models and formal methods to handle the combinatorial optimization problems derived from electronic chip design and solve them using state-of-the-art approaches in operations research. This group is involved in a wide range of projects in the CACS department, and is focused on suggesting the most appropriate approaches and software tools for adressing combinatorial optimization problems. Privileged tools are linear and integer programming, dedicated heuristics, metaheuristics and matheuristics. The proposed methods are also applied in a more general context (Scheduling, Routing, Network sizing, Robustness, Timetabling, Graph coloring, etc). The Operations Research Group is also committed with the implementation of the proposed approaches as components of project and research softwares. See our short introduction here.

Marc Sevaux presented his latest work on Hardware architectures for optimization at ROADEF 2013

One of the latest work of the OR-Group concerns the design of hardware archtectures for solving optimization problems. The goal of this project is to create a specific hardware equipement dedicated to solving optimization problems. It has been shown extremely powerful and faster than GP-GPU implementation.

Slides can be downloaded by clicking here.

New book "Memory Allocation Problems in Embedded Systems: Optimization Methods"

The OR-Group is happy to announce the publication of its last book based on Maria Soto's PhD work and a strong collaboration with Dr. Johann Laurent.

Postdoc position will open in the OR Group (January 2013)

The Brittany region (France), with the support of Google has granted the OR-Group with a financial support of 12 months for a postdoc position. The position will be open on January 2013. The general topic of this postodc position concerns the optimization applied to the transportation of handicapped persons. The position is open to work in the research center of the OR-Group in Lorient (France).


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